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Theria Sofa and Johannes Susanto as a founder of Jasmine Tease believed that their dreams should not stop only in creating pretty little sweet bunny inspired things, but it has to expand into something shareable. Doki-Doki Craft was established in August 2017 as a home for passionate crafters who love to share their skills, experiences, and journeys in arts.


​Doki Doki Craft is a heaven for craft enthusiasts located at Jl. Pluit Karang Jelita Blok R4 Timur No.8A, Jakarta Utara. We provides all the craft stuffs, tools and materials. Crafter can find their need for tools or ingredients for their art project such as clay, resin, jewelry, beads, charms, craft kit, etc. 

Besides selling craft kit, Doki Doki with all crafters in Jakarta, we colaborate and proudly held several weekly workshops in our stores. Each is a perfect fit for those who eager to experience new things in life. With our team, Doki Doki have proven that creating art is for everyone and exploring this adventurous journey with us will take you to new experiences.


And not only for adults, we also held workshops or classes for kids in schools, because we believe that art education will help children to understand others and will be very helpful in their social interaction and build a good emotional character. Our team will teach them many fun subjects such as how to make pouch from flannel or how to make animal figurine from air dry clay and so on. We made them realize that not all subjects in school are boring. With Doki Doki, your kids can play while learning to make a creation from their own hands which will also build confidence because there is no “right answer” in art, every children can feel proud in their creations.

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